Originally starting existence in 2013 as a hardcore punk band, Throwing Bricks has proven to be a complex act -- earlier this year, they released What Will Be Lost, a surly knot of despair and rage expressed through sludge, post-metal, screamo-inclined black metal, and even some noisy drone textures. Vicious sludge riffs sidle up next to whirling blast beats, unified by hoarse screams and suffocatingly intense guitars into a vivid portrait of hopelessness. This kind of music is a harrowing journey best listened to with minimal distraction -- to that end, it's due for a wax release via Tartarus Records early next year with a previously unreleased bonus track included. We're streaming that new song now -- check out "Irreparable Crack":



Like any drummer who's cracked a cymbal can tell you, some things can never be fixed. You can drill, grind, cut away, whatever you want, but the instrument you had will never be the same. That's the message behind "Irreparable Crack," though, of course, it's focused on the much less visible and infinitely more troubling damage that's dealt to the body and soul.

Having been recorded at the same time as the initial album's content, the expected screams, abrasive immensity, and forlorn atmosphere are there, but "Irreparable Crack" inserts delicate interludes between the rocky peaks. These rely on slightly cleaner tones and wistful melodies to set the listener up for the sudden avalanches of volume that inevitably follow each break. It strikes a marginally more hopeful mood than the rest of the album, contrasting with the pessimistic song title.

While it skillfully develops the painful sentiment it's based on, "Irreparable Crack" is also plainly catchy and memorable: these are the kind of riffs you tell your friends about.

From the band:

'Irreparable Crack' was inspired by the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. This bell contains a crack that people tried to fix a couple of times, but it kept breaking. We use this irreparable crack as a metaphor for being emotionally scarred, it doesn't matter how much you try to fix it for yourself, the scar will stay.

We wrote this song and its lyrics years ago and decided to record it in the same session as our debut record. Additional vocals on the back end of the song are done by our good friend Jeroen van Koesveld. 'Irreparable Crack' wasn't included on the initial release of 'What Will Be Lost' because the vibe and sound differ a lot from the other material. However, it's a great song to add as a separate digital single and a bonus track.


What Will Be Lost will be released January 8th, 2021 on vinyl via Tartarus Records.

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