Like the process of dealing with loss that its songs address, Throwing Bricks' new album The Burden is a hazardous journey. Just as there's no clear path toward moving forward through grief, the band's core assault of sludge metal and post-hardcore tumbles through aching lows but still manages to claw its way upwards towards hope. Without signaling their intentions, and without ever allowing their sound to grow stale, the Dutch group employ everything from blackened post-metal to spoken word to paint a stark, honest picture of recovery–all on a canvas of noisy rock.

Screamed vocals, delivered with engagingly primal energy, are one of the underpinning constants throughout The Burden (and make the deviations from them so much more impactful). They're driven by conviction, not rage, and lend first single "False Promises," which we're streaming below, significant emotional heft. Couple the band's passion with huge riffs that crackle and reverberate like waves breaking on a rocky shore, and the result is a cleansing flood. On "False Promises," lies and half-truths wither away against Throwing Bricks' undeniable veracity.

The band comments:

The overall concept of 'False Promises' is surplus killing, the behavior of a predator to kill more prey than they can eat. Even with the risk of losing too much energy or sustain serious injuries, this behavior is extremely common, also among us humans. We use this act as a metaphor of trying too hard to accomplish something, not knowing when to stop and fooling yourself that all that you are doing in these instances is right.

Since the main riff is pretty straightforward and pushing, producer Tim de Gieter really pushed us to experiment with more and different kinds of vocals from all of us on this track.



The Burden releases October 28th via Tartarus Records (plus label webshop here) - pre-orders open October 7th.

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