As evidenced by the many ramblings and rants on the official ThrOes blog, Tasmanian native Trent Griggs feels separate from the rest of the metal community. Having spent a decade apart from what would be considered “metal,” Griggs returned with a sense of disillusionment, and ultimately started ThrOes as a means of expressing such discontent with his own interpretation of metal through “punctuated equilibrium.”

From out of nothing but a set of ideals and an open, interpretive mind comes ThrOes’s debut, This Viper Womb. Without adhering to a specific set of rules and sensibilities, Griggs’s interpretation of metal, when paired with Suffocation drummer Kevin Talley and legendary Australian vocalist James Ludbrook, is both unique and catchy. Finding a middle ground between modern metal gleam and death metal aggression with a love of strong, memorable grooves and big, epic climaxes, ThrOes’s debut will appeal to both the hardened black metal hermit and burgeoning groove metal fan. Though This Viper Womb‘s “Dissident Metal” conceit might not be a wholly defining tag, as points of influence can ultimately be derived after multiple listens, ThrOes does succeed at being a rare instance of “difficult classification” – good luck trying to fully lock this one down with one genre.

The dissident This Viper Womb will see a June 29th release on Aesthetic Death Records. Scroll below for an exclusive, first listen of this first bout of “dissident metal.”

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