Nashville 'hardcore drum and bass' duo Thetan has a hell of a back catalog: their recent releases include a full collaboration LP with Kool Keith, a single featuring Lil B, and a blazing-fast LP packed with furious powerviolence. Though their collaboration work tends to favor heavy, in-the-pocket rhythms and dissonant textures that gives their guest vocalists room to operate in, their standalone sound fills in all that space with sheer rabid insanity.

Though a new full-length volume of this is on the way, the upcoming Dim Times serves both as a bridge to new material and as a chance to document (and even revamp) the group's vast body of work. Featuring some re-recordings, covers, and cutting floor gems, the CD edition of the album also packs in lots of previously vinyl-only material.

Today we're premiering the EP's title track, "Dim Times," which bassist/vocalist Dan Emery notes was "written for an album but didn't make the final tracklist." Slow, crunchy riffs act as a launchpad for desperate blast beats as Emery's vocals inject spiteful bile into the track. It's indulgently chaotic, and it opens up an EP full of drum'n'bass weirdness with a confident opening salvo.



Dim Times releases May 19th via Anticorp Music.

Upcoming Thetan Live Dates:
4/02/2023 The End – Nashville, TN w/ Bled To Submission, God Is War, Knoll
4/22/2023 Medusa’s Hairdresser – Nashville, TN w/ Courtney, Cursed Circuits
5/31/2023 The Cobra – Nashville, TN w/ Goatwhore, Torsion
7/01/2023 Bucket City Punk Fest 3 @ TBA – Murfreesboro, TN

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