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Red Sparowes guitarist Emma Ruth Rundle has a band called The Nocturnes.

Above is the video, directed by Rundle, for "The Road", from The Nocturnes' upcoming album Aokigahara.

"The Road" is the only thing I've listened to this morning; when I first encountered it, I had a very intense night with it. With its male/female harmonies and hypnotic feel, it reminds me of Low. It is the most beautiful music I've heard in ages. You can download "The Road" and some remixes for free from its Bandcamp page.

"The Road" instantly persuaded me to help fund Aokigahara through Kickstarter. The original goal of funding the CD and vinyl pressings has been reached, but the Kickstarter project is also a pre-order for many other things. You can buy anything from a digital download up to packages involving CDs, LPs, Rundle's original artwork (she is an ace artist - see her artist blog here), and even her first guitar.

This Kickstarter project/pre-order ends at 3:32am EDT tomorrow, Friday, August 5. Any funds beyond the original $2000 goal to cover the cost of CD/LP pressing will go towards putting The Nocturnes on the road.

Rundle also has a new and lovely album of ambient electric guitar improvisations. It's called Electric Guitar 1. I've been listening to that a lot, too. You can stream and buy it below.

I was never a huge fan of Red Sparowes, but suddenly this creative soul whom I've never met is a big, big part of my life. Thanks, Emma Ruth, for enriching my life, and hopefully that of many others.

— Cosmo Lee

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