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The year is 1990. Two kids languish in a Texas public high school. Metal stimulates them much more than classes. Their solution? A comic strip devoted to H.R. Giger and his wife, son, and daughter. Behold The Giger Family.

It's high school stuff, alright — that's why it's great. Frank Frazetta, Anton LaVey, and Deicide all cross paths with this Swiss family. Giger has the ability to summon a whole host of Lovecraftian gods.  His son hosts a kegger, his wife perpetually goes shopping, and, in a strange turn of events, he becomes President of the United States. The comic strip really takes off after that. I've listed all 29 episodes below. You can see their thumbnail gallery here.

On a more grown up note, Triptykon's Eparistera Daimones comes out today. The album has the best liner notes I've seen in years. It has Giger's artwork, essays by Tom G. Warrior, and a beautifully clean layout. And the music? 99% of metal bands might as well give up. Do not miss out on this record.

— Cosmo Lee

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