Satanic psych rockers, The Devil's Blood, abruptly called it splits on January 22, 2013, as discussed. There were four projects in the works at the time of their severance, including demos intended for a full-length and an acoustic EP with two cover songs, with a loose release date of April 30, 2013. In addition, they're holding onto an unedited live DVD and several unmixed, unedited live recordings, B-sides, and comps with tentative release plans. The band cryptically stated:

It is our desire to make all of this material available as it is right now. These recordings will be mixed and mastered by Pieter G. Kloos at the Void Studios in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Nothing will be altered, re-recorded or added to the music.

Upon the release of the album and EP, SL will be giving a limited amount of interviews. This will be the last time SL will be available for comment on the subject of The Devil’s Blood. After this point he will only focus on his future spiritual and artistic path...


-SL & F

The Devil’s Blood – 2007 / 2013

This occult outfit harnesses two full length albums, The Time of No Time Evermore (2009) and The Thousandfold Epicentre (2011), both well-received, so we're sad to see them go.

TDB died the death, indeed. RIP, dark comrades!

— Kerstin Hern