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"Heavy Fundametalisms: Music, Metal & Politics," the first ever global conference on metal, will take place in Salzburg, Austria from November 3-5, 2008. Full details and the call for papers are here. One need not be an academic to present, although such affiliation would likely help defray travel/lodging/registration expenses. All papers accepted for the conference are eligible for ISBN-numbered electronic publication, with some selected for hardback publication. 300-word abstracts are due by Friday, June 13, 2008. The conference is accepting submissions on any of the following themes:

Heavy metal and:

- Origins, Definition and History
- Genres and classification. Classical music/Opera
- Culture - Subculture - Underground - Popular Culture - Fans
- Religion - anti religion - Evil - Satanism
- Politics - Nationalism - the apolitical - Fascism
- Imagery - Iconography - Aesthetics
- Art - Design - Fashion - Performance - Theatre - Sleeve Art
- Gender Issues - Misogyny - Homo sociality - Masculinities - Deviant Sexualities
- Monsters - Madness
- Philosophical themes: Existentialism - Nihilism - Hedonism - Ethics
- Literature - Cinema - Documentaries - Soundtracks - Horror - Gothic - Anime - Cartoons
- Fashion

I must confess I have no love for Salzburg (apologies to any readers who are Salzburgers). The one time I visited, it seemed that the entire town was a Mozart and Sound of Music-themed tourist trap. (The profusion of Mozart-shaped chocolates sent me over the edge.) Salzburg has lovely geography, however (click above to enlarge), as well as a top-shelf (literally, as in clifftop) modern art museum.

Thanks to Keith Kahn-Harris for the tip.