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This is my last new post at Invisible Oranges. I have some posts, including the rest of the Metallica series, in the queue that will go up later, but otherwise, this is it for me. The new editor is Mike Nelson, who heads a great staff that will take the site to new heights. Please give him a warm welcome.

It's been an honor to have worked on Invisible Oranges. To this day, I'm still amazed that people read it, much less follow it consistently. Having an audience is never something to take for granted.

To this end, thanks are in order.

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Thanks to the naysayers and negative people. You only inspire me to fight harder and get better.

Thanks to people who stay positive through negative times. You also inspire me to fight harder and get better.

Thanks to my original metal writing influences, Andrew Aversionline and Adrian Begrand. They inspired me to start writing about metal; they are still holding it down.

Thanks to all the editors who hired me and put up with my weaknesses.

Thanks to all Invisible Oranges staff, past, present, and future. Your energy is refreshing and invaluable.

A thousand thanks to all you readers. You are the community that makes this worthwhile.

Finally, thanks to the musicians who bring us metal music. It is a thankless task, and the best ones do it without complaint.

Rock hard, ride free.

— Cosmo Lee

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