The last time I wrote about Terzij de Horde, now six and a half years ago, their last full-length album Self meditated on the death of the self in a cordyceps-inspired, transcendental mind-body dualism. Now, this Dutch experimental black metal collective looks beyond destroying the monism of self in favor of attacking the various spheres of collective consciousness as an act of class warfare.

"Who wields the politics of death?" the band asks. "Who decides what is considered human life?"

In such tumultuous times, we must ask ourselves big, philosophical questions like these to understand our own standing in society and how we can remove ourselves from its constraints in a resistance movement. As such, Terzij de Horde's mix of black metal, post-hardcore, and post-metal is anthemic and powerful, inciting an eventuality in what we all see is a collapsing world. Is black metal the sound of the revolution? I can only speculate, but on the upcoming Terzij de Horde full-length album In One of These, I Am Your Enemy we hear a call to action. We walk the spaces between worlds. We are the masters of our own fate. Listen to the album in full ahead of its Friday release below.



From vocalist Joost Vervoort:

On In One of These, I Am Your Enemy, Terzij de Horde explore the power inherent in the making and breaking of worlds–and the violence of realities crashing into each other. It is about those who shape the minds and words of new generations. Those who decide who is considered human - worth care and support, and who lives on the precipice.


In One of These, I Am Your Enemy releases April 8th on vinyl (Consouling Sounds), CD (Consouling Sounds), and cassette (Tartarus Records).

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