The annals of songs about cunnilingus - a pantheon that includes Madonna's "Where Life Begins," The Stone Roses' "Going Down," SWV's "Downtown," Foo Fighters' "All My Life," and, as one wag claimed, U2's "In God's Country" (or was that "I Still Have Not Found What I'm Looking For"?) (also, Ireland's national airline is called Aer Lingus) - have traditionally not included death metal. After all, it's hardly br00tal subject matter (hopefully). Yet here come Greece's Terrordome with "Festivity of Clitoris Licking"; for good measure, they add "No Oral Hesitations." These are indeed tasty jams, overflowing with juicy licks and fluid strokes...of drums. Perhaps the title Vehement Convulsion (Grindethic, 2008) actually makes sense.

Festivity of Clitoris Licking
No Oral Hesitations

I asked the band for a lyric sheet, but, sadly, they could not provide one. They did, however, state the following as their subject matter, in this exact order: "sex, love, porn, environmental awareness, human relations, war, gore, splatter, social/political problems, etc." The band also helpfully clarified about the abovementioned songs: "Yes, they are both [about] love and sex from a romantic and pornographic view, and it is all about pleasure. There is not splatter or murder [in] these 2 songs, in contrast to 'Infected Fornication,' where a murder happens after the guy realizes that the whore was infected with AIDS." You can't fool me, Terrordrome. You have your one br00tal song, but I know that deep down you're a bunch of caring, selfless softies.

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