photos by Mathieu Bredeau

Taake / YAITW / Vattnet Viskar

Norwegian black metal maniacs Taake brought their tour with Charlotte punks Young and in the Way and New Hampshire post-black metallers Vattnet Viskar to NYC over the weekend, playing two STARDUST NYC-presented shows at Saint Vitus on March 5. They did a matinee and a night show, and pictures of the latter are in this post.

Local support at the night show was provided by Trenchgrinder, whose grind-y hardcore was a good fit for the already pretty diverse bill. It's also interesting to see a veteran band like Taake, who put on a pretty classic version of an extreme black metal show, be joined by a bunch of younger bands that take the influence of Taake and their Scandinavian counterparts in new directions.

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Vattnet Viskar

Young and in the Way