wise blood records

A Double Dose of Hell: Vicious Blade and Blasted Heath Share Two Tracks from Upcoming Four-Way Compilation

Wise Blood Records unites four ripping bands on their upcoming “Faster Than the Devil 2” compilation; hear two tracks from it now.

Through Vile Haste, Graveripper Take Us "Into The Grave" (Video Premiere)

The Indiana-based black/thrash/speed quartet is set to unleash their full-length debut upon the world in August. Check out a new video for the lead single here.

"Where the Shadows Adorn": Mother of Graves' Monument to Melodic Death-Doom's Past and Future (Early Album Stream)

On their long-awaited (and streaming here) debut full-length, the Indiana band taps into a niche genre’s rich past for inspiration, but takes it one step further.

Sundown's Rusted Melodic Punk Has Got to "Keep Moving" (Early Album Stream)

The Indianapolis quartet releases their debut album this Friday, which taps into nostalgic sounds and unexplored territories alike. Stream it here.