It Is Dead and Void Me's Upcoming Split is Caustic Catharsis (Early Stream)

Extreme sounds for extreme expressions. Stream this blackened death-sludge meets blackened crust split here before it releases next month.

Dolor's Aggrieved Progressive Sludge Condenses a Decade of Struggle on "Let Rain Fall Eternal" (Interview)

We spoke to Cam Davis of Dolor (and Cicada the Burrower) about the band’s debut release Let Rain Fall Eternal, a dense work of progressive sludge and post-metal just about ten years in the making.

Artist to Artist: Jason Blake (Aziola Cry) vs Keven Berk (Apogetic) + Playthrough Video

Two progressive metal guitarists, both of whom use imposing Warr guitarists, discuss Aziola Cry’s latest album and their weapons of choice. Plus, check out a new playthrough video of “The Ironic Divide Part One: Premonitions.”