New Metal Releases: 5/28/2023-6/3/2023

Here’s all the new metal that’s releasing between May 28th and June 3rd, plus some critical stuff from last week—Spin (or skip) new-ish music from Immortal, Bongzilla, Cloak, and more.

Brandon Corsair's Top Albums of 2021

We start off our 2021 year-end lists with Brandon Corsair, whose list packs in tons of powerful underground releases.

Our Favorite Heavy Albums of 2021 So Far

We’ve collected some of our favorite releases from 2021 so far for your perusal.

Tyrann Fights for the Soul of Metal With "Djävulens Musik" (Early Album Stream)

This Swedish traditional heavy metal ripper is the work of battle-hardened metal talents on a quest to expose the bleeding heart of heavy metal: listen to the full album now and check out an interview with the band.

Upcoming Metal Releases: 5/23/2021 - 5/29/2021

All the new metal releasing between May 23rd, 2021 and May 29th, 2021 — spin (or skip) new music from Portal, Burning Witches, Cirith Ungol, and more.