Black Cobra – Chronomega
In the summer of 1993, I saw Miami, FL's legendary Cavity. Having never heard anything like Cavity, I was floored by their sound and performance. (The singer pulled off his pants and hung upside down from the rafters with dangling cock and balls, shocking the suburban teenage audience)
Stone Axe – Self-Titled
by Chris Rowella
I have a feeling Tony Reed and I would get along famously. His previous outfit, Mos Generator, was steeped in the Seventies hard rock tradition of Riffs, Hooks, and Blooze. With his new project Stone Axe — essentially a two-man band (Reed records all the instruments) — he's delving e…
Javelina – Beasts Among Sheep
Photo by Scott KinkadeReview by Casey Boland
On its face, there is nothing remarkable about Javelina. You have four dudes hammering out drop-tuned Sabbath-inspired metal. One would be hard-pressed to read reviews that did not niche the band as "sludge," "stoner," a…
Consuming Impulse: The Bloodhorse Burger
Photo and text by Carmelo Española
This is the first time I have reviewed a Kuma's Corner burger named for a band that I have never heard of before. The band in question is Bloodhorse. After some research, I found out that they are a band split between Brooklyn and Boston that sounds like…
Dopethrone – Demonsmoke
by Chris Rowella
I might lose street cred by saying this, but who cares: I'm done seeking out the most extreme, experimental, metal/noise/ambient/prog/core/whatever floating around. At this point in my life, I know exactly what I like, and that's what I stick to

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