Snøgg's "Ritual of the Sun," a Dark Ambient Metamorphosis (Early Album Stream)

We’ve got the full stream of Slovenian outfit Snøgg’s abstractly atmospheric new full-length “Ritual of the Sun” — headphones on, lights out, sink in.

Bleeding Fist, bleeding prose

Nefarious long-winded orations

Pharmafabrik - Fabriksampler V2

by Cosmo Lee Pharmafabrik has been putting out challenging, interesting sounds. After an initial Fabriksampler, downloadable for free here, the Slovenian label returns with another compilation. V2 begins and ends with Napalm Death offshoots: Justin Broadrick and Mick Harris in their Final and Lull guises, respectively. Final’s “4am Internal” evokes Burzum’s ambient side with more […]