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Cruciamentum on the Deliberate Process Behind "Obsidian Refractions" (INTERVIEW)

Cruciamentum guitarist D.L. discusses the process behind the eight-year wait for Cruciamentum’s sophomore full-length album.

Aeviterne Toil Over New Grounds (Interview)

We spoke to Aeviterne drummer Ian Jacyszyn about how their latest record The Ailing Facade came together and their recent European appearances.

Mizmor and the Value of our Labors

Mizmor’s ALN discusses the content of and inspiration behind his new album “Prosaic” in a new interview.

Locrian Paints the Apocalypse In Shades of Sound on "Mortichnia" (Video Debut)

On a new video, Locrian portrays magick and the apocalypse through their new video for “Mortichnia.”

Blacklist Enters the "Nightbound" On New Goth-Meets-Metal Single (New Song Debut)

Recently reformed goth rock band Blacklist fuse Jake E. Lee riffs with Simple Minds atmospheres on new single.