leila abdul-rauf

Scene Dive #2: Bay Area Death Metal’s Perennial Resurrection

Despite undergoing constant change and no shortage of difficulties, the Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland, etc.) remains a significant stronghold for American heavy metal—and especially death metal. This in-depth feature includes perspectives from key bands (Ripped to Shreds, Vastum) and labels (Sentient Ruin Laboratories, Carbonized Records).

Leila Abdul-Rauf's "Phantasiai" Summons Ethereal Spirits (Full Album Stream)

The Vastum mastermind ventures deep into ambient space with a phantasmagoric new solo album which is now streaming in full.

Engrossing Ambiance on Fyrhtu's "No More Days In The Light"

Members of Vastum and Cardinal Wyrm join forces to craft delicate ambient and post-industrial music. Listen to an exclusive stream of their debut album.