Upcoming metal releases: December 2009
Pictured: Onset of Serious ProblemsText by Cosmo Lee
Here is the list for December's metal releases.
The end of the year is a wasteland for releases, though I look forward to debuts by Impetuous Ritual and Abraxas. Impetuous Ritual has connections to Portal and promises similar sickness
Proletar – Back to Hatevolution (Discography)
55 tracks in 74 minutes! Gotta love those grindcore discographies - see Nasum's Grind Finale (2 discs, 152 tracks) or Yacopsae's Discoregraphy (2 discs, 149 tracks). Admittedly, this thing is a little hard to digest. Who sits down and goes, "I will now listen to 55 tracks of gr…