New Metal Releases: 6/26/2022-7/16/2022

Whoops, we fell behind! Here’s all the new metal that’s been released between June 26th, 2022 and July 16th, 2022 — spin (or skip) new music from Wormrot, Municipal Waste, Inhuman Condition, and more.

Trve Brewing Bacchanal is Back in the Mile High City

The Denver brewery’s 10th anniversary celebration is upon us on Saturday, with Khemmis, Dreadnought, Panopticon, Hulder, and more packing the lineup.

Upcoming Metal Releases: 7/28/19 -- 8/3/19

All the new metal releasing between July 28th and August 3rd, 2019 — spin (or skip) new music from Russian Circles, Bauda, Ordeals, Grima, and more, plus a handful of bonus surprise releases from days past.