goth metal

Septicflesh – Communion
Original album artworkCeramic sculpture by Cecilia JanssonPhoto by Jukka Tilli
Septic Flesh have made much good music - almost too much. These Greeks mix death, doom, black, goth, thrash, and industrial metal, with clean and dirty vocals, both male and female
Brave – Monuments
I love the sound of female singing. But I generally hate it in metal, usually through no fault of the singers. Its usual context is what I'll call "corset metal," over-produced schlock with billowing hair and faceless male minions. It's all drama and no nuance
After Forever – Equally Destructive
Today is Live Earth Day, which, like the Internet, is evidently another Al Gore invention. The idea is like Live Aid - simultaneous concert festivals in eight cities around the world (New York, London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, and Hamburg) "to trigger a global…
Artrosis – Fetish
Metal Mind2001
Female-fronted goth metal is one of Poland's prime metallic exports, with Artrosis one of the leading lights. Since 1995, the band has released six studio full-lengths. Metal Mind recently reissued In Nomine Noctis (the English version of 1998's W Imie Nocy) and 2001&…
Moonlight – Integrated in the System of Guilt
For Better Days (excerpt)
Metal Mind2006
Moonlight has been around since 1991, but Integrated in the System of Guilt is my first introduction to the band. The album frankly blows me away. Just when I'm ready to write off anything vaguely goth, along comes this gorgeous blend of metal, rock, and…
Closterkeller – Cyan
Cisza W Jej Domu
Another first encounter for me, Cyan is the phenomenal 1996 album by Closterkeller, perhaps the oldest Polish goth metal group, having formed in 1988. The band has much notoriety in Poland, but for whatever reason this has seems not to have translated outside the country…
Belladonna – Metaphysical Attraction
Black SwanMystical Elysian Love
Not the Anthrax singer nor the adult film star, Belladonna is an Italian band that falls somewhere between hard and goth rock. But these terms are really too crude to describe this band. The former implies a certain simplicity, and the latter a certa…