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Upcoming metal releases: November 2009
Here's an experiment. Take a look at the upcoming metal releases for November 2009. In the comments box, indicate two you would like me to review. I will review the one with the most votes (unless I am reviewing it elsewhere — so Fatalist, Slayer, and Witchmaster are out &md…
Katatonia no longer katatonic
Now master tapes are hard drives
At last, movement on Katatonia's front! After innumerable delays — their new record was on my most anticipated list last year — the band is actually recording. The first three studio updates are up at the band's MySpace blog. Katatonia i
RIP Miika Tenkula, Sentenced
Miika Tenkula, lead guitarist and main songwriter of Sentenced, passed away last week at the age of 34. Evidently, he had had problems with drinking. His bandmates put together a poignant memorial photo gallery - see above. Many didn't like the band's evolution from death metal to gothi…

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