Gloomy Grim – Tapetum Lucidum
The Bells Toll My Name
My first impression of the cover of Tapetum Lucidum was "Gravediggaz" (with "Paul Wall" and "Goldie" close behind). Turns out I wasn't far off - Gloomy Grim plays self-styled "horror movie met…
Dolorian – Voidwards
Dual - Void - TridentIn the Locus of Bone
Dolorian's Voidwards was one of my top 10 metal albums last year. Every time I hear the record, it bowls me over with its depth, sophistication, and listenability. Frankly, I don't understand why it wasn't in more top 10's.…
Insomnium – Above the Weeping World
Over the course of its three albums, Insomnium's sound hasn't changed so much as matured. This Finnish band sounds like Paradise Lost doing Swedish melodic death metal, combining the majesty of the former with the pace of the latter. 2004's Since the Day It All Came Down was pretty …