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Deiphago - Filipino Antichrist

by Anthony Abboreno I’ve got an uncle who’s a tremendous Scotch drinker. He once commented on a bottle of Laphroaig somebody had given me as a gift. “That’s good Scotch,” he said, “but the peat flavor isn’t as strong as I like. I like Scotch that tastes like iodine.” It’s not surprising that a Scotch […]


[youtube=] Costa Rican true metallers Acero have released a video for the title track from their album En Pie De Guerra. I reviewed the record here, with its uplifting song/video “Heavy Metal.” That same spirit blesses “En Pie De Guerra.” It has one of the best live performance videos I’ve seen. The band could work […]

Acero - En Pie de Guerra

by Cosmo Lee Costa Rica isn’t just a popular tourist destination. It’s also, at last count, home to 59 metal bands. Some of the more intriguing names include Mad Klown, Necropedophilia, Pseudostratiffied Epithelium, Linfogranulomatosis Inguinalis, and Alastor Sanguinary Embryo. Evidently, the latter was originally called Alastor, but added more words to avoid confusion with other […]