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Heavy Metal Everlasting: An Interview with Howie Bentley of Cauldron Born and Briton Rites

Howie Bentley is behind two cult-favorite bands that were uncompromising outlets for true heavy metal and doom even in the genres’ darker days. Read an interview with Bentley and learn more about Briton Rites’ recent comeback “Occulte Fantastique” and future plans for Cauldron Born.

Ted Nubel's Top Albums of 2020

Ted Nubel offers up his doom-laden picks for 2020.

Upcoming Metal Releases: 12/20/2020 - 12/26/2020

All the new metal releasing between December 20th and December 26th, 2020 — spin (or skip) new music from Medenera, LaColpa, and more — plus some releases from last week.