Death metal is vicious when it's fast, but possibly even more so when slowed down -- plummeting tempos only makes those bouts of whirling speed all the more forceful. Toss a bile-filled lungful of black metal and grind into the mess and you've got Swampbeast, a Los Angeles-based extreme metal group unleashing their debut full-length Seven Evils Spawned of Seven Heads next month. Here's an exclusive stream of "1000 Years of Pestilence," showing the band's fury channeled into a slow, precise exploration of mankind's unmaking.



"1000 Years of Pestilence" opts to save the fast bits for later in its runtime, keeping the snare hits few and far between initially to leave room for the unholy clamor of the guitars, which burrow through the headroom with wormlike efficiency. It seems like a fitting song for this year -- these first twelve days have felt like a hundredfold years, and we've got plenty of ravaging disease to match. Riffs that drag your face through leagues of burbling acid are ever so appropriate.

Marecov Mena (drums/vocals) describes the intent behind the song:

"1000 Years Of Pestilence" lyrically points directly at the powers that try to enslave humanity. The ones that bind us down to continue a cycle of fueling a pointless machine and existence. A power that’s been ruling 1000 years and counting.

We wanted the vibe of this song to be like you’re trying to swim in a river of sludge. A slow but constant pace that never ceases.


Seven Evils Spawned of Seven Heads releases February 12th, 2021 via Translation Loss Records.

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