Swamp Coffin is not a band that aims to make a secret of its nastiness: the crushing main riff of "Welcome to Rot" is a clarion call to those who prefer gnarled riffs made for scouring pots and pans over smooth, dulcet tones. The near-gasping screams that follow, spitting out verses over ringing guitar chords, are yet another indicator. However, the song also holds a softer and more melodic side, buried within: like a marble statue coated in ichor, some beauty shines through halfway through the song, albeit twisted into a tool of the creeping decay. As these fetid harmonies resolve back into the show-stealing main riff, all pretenses of restraint fade away, which you can even visually see thanks to the music video we're premiering below. Watch the band, surrounded by kegs, play the song through.



Hailing from the United Kingdom, the sludge band's upcoming album Noose Almighty walks a similar path to this lead single: while it's absolutely crushing music, it's not heavy for the sake of heaviness alone. Grief, loss, and disillusionment tint the caustic tones, making for a deadly and cathartic combination. In the case of "Welcome to Rot," though, the goal is sheer, revolting destruction, and the seven-minute track achieves just that.

Jon Rhodes (vocals/guitar) comments on the song's origin:

When we were close to finishing writing the album I remember saying to the other guys that we needed something incredibly nasty and horrible to finish the record with. "Welcome To Rot" came together really quickly and fit the bill perfectly. In the words of Owen Claxton, who recorded the album, “It's fucking gross."

The title is inspired by our hometown and lyrically it's about overcoming that claustrophobia that seems to affect all dying towns. There's that mentality that things were always better in the good old days when in reality everything has been slowly falling apart for years, shops and houses are boarded up and only those that can't go anywhere else are left behind. It may be a shithole, but it's a shithole we're proud to have come from. Filming the video DIY style in a cramped, filthy barrel store under a pub seemed like a fitting location.


Noose Almighty releases November 26th via APF Records.

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