Indianapolis punk crew Sundown are set to bring you back to the early 1990s with their blend of emotionally charged hardcore and punk rock. Keep Moving, out this Friday, is the band’s full-length debut, and it's sure to make waves with fans of the numerous classic and seminal albums this crucial time period produced. Notably, the gruff vocal approach that the foursome share evokes what came out of the Gainesville, Florida scene within the last 20-plus years. The band operates smoothly at high speeds with plenty of pretty and poppy riffs to balance out their ever-present grit, which is something of a defining characteristic that sets them apart from other punk contemporaries. Sundown are here to make a name for themselves of their own merit, and for those of you who want that melodic hardcore of the late 1980s and 1990s plus some more modern sounds, Keep Moving is the album for you.

Though the album is something of a time capsule itself, Keep Moving is not content to be just that. While they emulate some of the most important bands in the punk scene across several different subgenres, their combined attack is a fun breath of fresh air for a scene that can feel a bit too bloated when it comes to bands that profess to be hardcore bands, leaning a little much into heavy metal territory for their own good. The primordial ooze that this Midwestern crew slithered out of on “Not My Jam” almost hits the nail on the proverbial head in song title alone: this album doesn’t need to fit a singular genre, nor does it have to be more than it is. There is a lot to love here, both unique and borrowed.



Guitarist/vocalist Bake Henry comments:

I've been trying to start a band like Sundown for almost fifteen years. I love [the other members] like my own blood and I've wanted to share a musical bond like this with folks I can trust since I can remember. And I trust all these boys. I want people that listen to us or see us live to feel the work and the love we've put into our songs. ‘Cause all these songs sure mean the world to us.

The band adds:

We're very proud of what we've done here. We hope you enjoy it, and we hope to see you soon.


Keep Moving releases February 25th, 2022 via Wise Blood Records.

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