Starting with a gallop not wholly dissimilar from the opening bars of Nachtmystium's Assassins, Watain have released "All That May Bleed" from their new LP The Wild Hunt. Stream it below and purchase the 7" now, which features a cover of the b-side ”Play with the Devil” by Taiwaz and Gottfrid Åhman of In Solitude participates on guitar.

Watain's new LP, The Wild Hunt, hits on August 20th via Century Media. Check out the artwork and tracklisting below.

Fred Pessaro


1. Night Vision
2. De Profundis
3. Black Flames March
4. All That May Bleed
5. The Child Must Die
6. They Rode On
7. Sleepless Evil
8. The Wild Hunt
9. Outlaw
10. Ignem Veni Mittere
11. Holocaust Dawn