I've always felt a certain connection to bands that fit comfortably in the dark groove between punk and metal; a pentagram on your merch or a passing reference to Entombed isn't quite enough. Integrity changed a lot of my world view as a young hardcore fan. Their experimentation with Charles Manson and deep interest in Satanism and the Process Church created a cloud of darkness around them, making them wholly unique in the scene. Though not as blatant, some of those dark explorations have continued with much of the A389 roster, and especially bands like Rot in Hell, Amenra, Rise & Fall, and many of the latter's Belgian compatriots.

Oathbreaker are another in line with said bands, and the Belgian crew are readying their new LP Eros|Anteros via Deathwish on August 20th. Negative hardcore, black metal, chunky metal riffs, pissed off vocals by Caro Tanghe and an overall sense of dread are all hallmarks of this record (as in previous releases), yet a bit of unexpected melodicism also comes to the forefront. Check out the new track "Condor Tongue", available for stream for the first time below. Fans of Converge, Amenra, Envy and the intersection between hardcore and black metal, take note.

Oathbreaker have a set of dates scheduled for the EU, so if you're lucky enough to be over yonder, don't miss them.

Fred Pessaro

06/29: Merchtem, Belgium @ Loco Loco Fest w/ ao. Negative Approach
07/12: Herk-De-Stad, Belgium @ Rock Herk w/ Amenra
07/27: As, Belgium @ Vlamrock w/ Harm's Way, Code Orange Kids, Integrity
07/28: Rokycany, Czech Republic @ Fluff Fest w/ Birds In Row, Hessian, The Black Heart Rebellion
08/9-11: Ieper, Belgium @ Ieperfest
09/06: Moscow, Russia @ Volta Club
09/07: St Petersburg, Russia @ Arktika
09/21: Düsseldorf, Germany @ AK47
09/29: Tourcoing, France @ Grand Mix w/ Amenra
10/05: Duisburg, Germany
10/26: Lier, Belgium @ Rocktoberfest
11/02: Aalst, Belgium @ Negasonic
12/07: Linköping, Sweden
12/27: Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Effenaar w/ Amenra


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