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Kvlt label Blackest Ever Black draws listeners through the darkest catacombs of heavy electronic music including techno, noise, punk, industrial, ambient, electro-acoustic experimentation, and darkwave pop. Based in London and Berlin, Blackest Ever Black’s roster includes Raspberry Bulbs (who have a new album on the way), Vatican Shadow, Regis, Cut Hands, Tropic of Cancer, and Prurient (who just announced a tour with Godflesh and Nails).

Now Lustmord can be added to that list, as he readies to release The Word As Power for the label on July 8.

Active since 1981, Lustmord has created a prolific output of solo material and collaborations (notably with Hecate and the Melvins), including film scores (The Crow, for one). Typically, those works have been mostly ambient instrumental. But this time, as might be expected with a name like The Word As Power, vocals are at the heart.

Lustmord is enjoined by Aina Skinnes Olsen, Jarboe, Maynard James Keenan, and Soriah. “The word” is explored through the album art and music in all of its multifaceted glory—as a system of written symbols, as glyphs, signs, and ciphers; and spoken, as evolved language, myth, mantras, chants, invocations, and evocations. And somewhere between those two aspects is the unwritten, unspoken mystery of language and symbology that is not readily defined.

Vanessa Salvia

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Track Listing
1. Babel
2. Goetia
3. Chorazin
4. Grigori
5. Andras Sodom
6. Abaddon
7. Y Gair

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