We already mentioned that the very different-looking Chicago doom outfit Lord Mantis were prepping their new EP NTW. Now we've got the premiere of the title track from that EP, which you can stream below.

Lord Mantis is now basically a combination of the defunct Indian with the remaining members of Lord Mantis (vocalist Charlie Fell departed to front Cobalt). And while Lord Mantis's single-minded focus on dirty, depressive doom remains, some of the musical particulars have changed. "NTW" starts with a thundering, militaristic doom riff and only gets more punishing from there. While the old version of Lord Mantis was heavily groove-oriented behind their trademark sonic filth, new members Dylan O'Toole and Will Lindsay have been and continue to be interested in finding oblique, expressive ways to bludgeon. This track has a weird guitar solo, an unending pummel of riffs that just meet the bare 2-note minimum to be categorized as such, and an extremely powerful atmosphere of hate and despair. Ultimately that atmosphere is the unifying factor between new and old Lord Mantis, and it's an effective one.

Stream this monster below. NTW is out April 29 via New Density. You can pre-order here.

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