Colored Sands, your fifth Gorguts album, brought you back into the studio for the first time in over a decade. Was this album easier or more difficult for you than past recording efforts?

No, it was not a difficult album to do. My vision was pretty much clear from the beginning. But that being said, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t hit any walls. Composition is not always an easy task. You know, my composition teacher at the Conservatory always said: “Writing music is solving problems. Every time you choose to write down a note on paper, you then need to decide what you’re going to write next,” and that’s not always an easy thing.

Leave it to Luc Lemay of Gorguts (in our recent interview) to say that the new LP, his first in a dozen years, was slightly more than a "NBD". Colored Sands is inching toward release on September 3rd, and the band has steadily released tracks from the effort including the latest out of the gate, the title track, streaming below courtesy of Decibel.

If you missed it, Gorguts was part of the first wave of announcements for Maryland Deathfest 2013, joining along with reunions from Hemdale, Excruciating Terror, and sets from bands like At The Gates and Taake.

-Fred Pessaro