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You are truly on a desert island. Sand and sea surround you, with no life in sight. As your ship went down, you managed to salvage a boombox, some batteries, and a 60-minute cassette tape you made for emergencies like this. The tape will be your only companion for the foreseeable future. What is on it?

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Morbid Angel - "Chapel of Ghouls"
I love this track, it's brutal and unrelenting while also pretty catchy and noisy and haunting.

Entombed - "Left Hand Path"
I love the production, it's raw and super heavy. Full of youthful aggression. Send me directly to the HM-2 hell. Also the solo section at the end is about as epic as it gets.

Slayer - "At Dawn They Sleep"
I love this era of Slayer because it's before they perfected their sound but you could see the direction they were heading in. It's still evil as hell and super catchy with riff after riff after riff. So killer.

Judas Priest - "Sinner"
Sin After Sin is my favorite JP album and if I had to pick a track it'd have to be "Sinner." There's something magical about this song. It's the soundtrack to cruising the cosmos in the wheels of death.

Elliott Smith - "Everything Means Nothing to Me"
I love this song. It's a song I've always wanted played at my funeral and if I'm stuck on a desert island I'll probably be dying pretty quickly so this is the appropriate track to have with me.

Carcass - "Buried Dreams"
I love everything about this track. The opening of the song, the drums, the riffs, it sounds so huge! This recording is perfect.

Metallica - "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
This song has everything I love in a Metallica song. It's huge and heavy. Catchy as hell, killer guitar work and if I'm stuck on a desert island I'll probably be losing my mind so the subject matter would be fitting. Sanitarium, just leave me alone...

Edge of Sanity - "Crimson"
This 40-minute opus has everything from beautiful piano sections to brutal death. This track/album was a masterpiece. Essential.

Death - "Overactive Imagination"
I love this track, it's unrelenting speed and precision with one of my all time favorite solos. I could listen to this over and over and it never gets old.

Celtic Frost - "Dethroned Emperor"
I love this track. It's raw and it lurches all over the place. It's ugly and heavy as fuck. This is one of my all time favorite albums and this is the track.

Unleashed - "A Life Beyond"
I love this track. Double kick fury, and HM2 hell. Primitive and brutal. Huge riffs and killer production.

Bolt Thrower - "What Dwells Within"
Perfect riffs coupled with double kick insanity. This is Bolt Thrower at their finest.

Possessed - "The Exorcist"
I love this track. It's evil and brutal and full of youthful aggression. It sounds so violent and relentless. Crank it up!

Thin Lizzy - "That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart"
I love this track and would probably start every day with it. I love starting the day with Thin Lizzy!

ZZ Top - "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers"
This is the other track that I'd be happy hearing everyday for the rest of my life. You can't fuck with the 'Top!

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Erik Olson sings and plays guitar in Portland, Oregon’s Lord Dying. Follow Lord Dying on Facebook here, on Twitter at @Lorddying and on Instagram at @lorddying.

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