Death metal and disgust are known comrades in arms — the genre's potential for rendering sickening subjects is firmly documented by now. But why stop at just conjuring nauseating visuals? in their new Effluviatorium du Jour EP, Rhode Island's Stench Collector extends death metal's grotesque assault to the olfactory sense as well, telling tales of preserved horrors and rotting flesh that carry a distinct, if imagined odor. Listen long enough and you might pick up the scent of the rancid fumes canned within—get a whiff with the first single "Gutworm" now.

No nonsense or gimmicks here: sturdy double bass work and undulating riffs burrow through speakers, swapping through tempos and pacing without losing momentum. Though guttural vocals and twisted screams deliver unsettling context, the boisterous production keeps the riffs and drumming at the forefront, adding enough murky reverb and headroom to give it all a bit of a squelch, each kick drum hit leaving a wet stain behind. Like the rest of the EP, there's not a lot of frills involved: every sickening note and drum fill further solidifies the unpleasant aroma at the heart of this. Extremely gross, but in a good way.

The band further explains "Gutworm":

Overall, the driving concept behind Stench Collector’s lyrical theme is suburban decay and the plight of the working middle class twisted at the intersection of our nation’s failing capitalist economy. Motivated by shock value and blended with Lovecraftian odes to the individual’s corrosion into psychological madness, "Gutworm" paints a gore drenched tale of what the Collector’s basement looks like: a decrepit hell hole dungeon located beneath the bedrooms where his family rests their heads... he conceals cabinets stacked with bile filled jars containing the oozing remains of domesticated dead pets and cul-de-sac sewer critters that he is reduced to feeding his family.


The Effluviatorium du Jour EP releases June 25th via Redefining Darkness Records.

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