Søstre's black'n'roll comes with a refreshing burst of color in a musical landscape that often only exists in shades of black and white. Springing from Bergen, Norway, the band keeps a jagged streak of black metal close to its heart (most notably in the impressively acerbic vocals) but focuses their efforts on creating rock'n'roll that generates chaotic, dangerous energy. Avoiding the usual destinations of austere or violent black'n'roll, Søstre harnesses the chaos of the mind: this is a lush, resonant sound that seems to explode into the brain as it tears into eardrums. The sheer momentum involved, combined with the band's penchant for imaginative riffing, makes this record unusually spellbinding.

Occult themes are a vital part of Søstre's upcoming self-titled album, and they weave their way into the music in the form of captivating melodies and fascinating interludes. A psychedelic vibrancy fills out even the meanest riffs on the album, letting listeners revel in their world of (as the album art implies) skateboards, drugs, and witchcraft.

We're streaming "Kausalitet" now, which is an illustrative glimpse into the band's untamed sound.



The band comments:

Kausalitet speaks of the tragedy that is our species' understanding of cause and effect. The meandering tree of possible outcomes, agency and probabilistic calculus leads us to an adage of great importance; All roads lead to the same place. Both terrible and beautiful is the realization that things could not have been different. Structured into three acts, it starts off hectic before moving into its more groovy midsection and sinister finale.


Søstre releases March 17th via Loyal Blood Records.

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