The metal world’s fascination with demos borders in some quarters on obsession—specifically the sort a band releases before their first full-length release. It’s easy to see why many fans pay them so much mind, given how in hindsight a demo can represent a band at their rawest form before they either progressed or blundered to a stage that's no longer appealing. That said, early demos might be more representative of ideas and energy not yet properly harnessed or executed amateurishly. It’s all comparable to the often romanticized (or cringing in memory of) innocent actions of childhood.

One such demo, whose fortune as a precursor to glory or a brief explosion of energy is yet untold, is being released this year by Nevada upstarts Sorcerer's Sword on the almost-just-as-new label Mythic Ironworks. Found within is a torrent of black thrashing madness that leaps and lashes out at the listener, a denim and leather infused witch’s brew mixing early thrash metal, speed metal, and first wave black metal that screams forth with 1980s vibes. It's the sort of Fenriz-approved, head-down, invisible orange-[Editor's Note: I couldn't stop him.]-holding fist-in-the-air metal that reeks with the smell of puke and cheap beer filling a basement venue while heshers headbang. It’s raw and ugly, but it conveys enough genuine talent that I certainly hope this won't be just a flash in the pan.

Mythic Ironworks' label owner Ryan Tysinger had this to say about the demo:

What I liked about the demo was how timeless it feels–it could be from anywhere from 1987 to now. There’s a reverence to the past, of course, but it’s played with a raw, unbridled intensity that can’t simply be cloned. A perfect release for how our roster is shaping up and what we’re trying to highlight with Mythic Ironworks.

We're premiering the track "Demonolatry" ahead of the demo's release below.



The demo can be pre-ordered on cassette here and info on the digital release is here.

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