Pictured: Let the Night Roar

In metal, fast is glamorous, while slow is often overlooked. I get sent a lot of great slow stuff, so I'm starting this column to feature some of it. Doom, sludge, stoner, and post-metal are all fair game. Get off the lead foot, and get on those lead boots.

The wonderfully named Let the Night Roar come from Atlanta. Frontman/guitarist Jeff Juszkiewicz played leads on the first Malevolent Creation record. Now he's gone sludge, emulating Lair of the Minotaur, High on Fire, and Kylesa. Not only does Juszkiewicz know his way around a riff, he also has a mighty, expressive voice. He's already figured out what it took Kylesa several albums to learn: the dynamics of vocal inflections. He uses them to build "Kill Yourself" to a powerful finale. This is a band to watch.

This curio comes courtesy of the infamous online forum I Love Music. Someone there slowed (and pitched) down Rush's "Working Man," turning it into a bitchin' stoner metal anthem. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson practically turn into Ozzy and Tony. Geddy has never sounded so manly. Someone should slow down the first two Rush albums in their entirety. Then I might find them listenable.

Australia's Heirs feature an ex-member of Whitehorse, but don't expect that band's sludgy doom metal. Instead, they recall Neurosis' The Eye of Every Storm, i.e., their quiet album. Unlike Neurosis, however, they're upfront about their lyricism. This instrumental record is patient and gorgeous. If Low went heavy, perhaps they'd make this. You can stream this record and download it for free here.

- Cosmo Lee

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