Japan's Slang, who made their fair share of noise with a US tour in 2010 and the assault that was Life Made Me Hardcore, is preparing to release their new LP Glory Outshines Doom via Prank Records. The release, which saw the light of day in their homeland late last summer, has spawned a trio of videos and is due via the label later this year. Slang's molotov cocktail of hardcore and crust pay homage to some of their great countrymen of past, as well as more obvious influences like Discharge. Check out the video below for a taste of the new material, and keep your fingers crossed for a tour in the near future.

-Fred Pessaro

SLANG "糞の吹き溜まり"

SLANG -もの言わぬ本 / ろうそくのまち

SLANG "十二月ノ業"