by Cosmo Lee

I've been doing Decibel's demo column ("Throw Me a Frickin' Bone!") for a little while now. The only prerequisite for inclusion (other than being "metal enough") is being unsigned. Occasionally I come across bands that are inexplicably label-less; in this latest column (Decibel #49, Amon Amarth cover), two stood out.

The first is Jordan's Bilocate, whose new record Sudden Death Syndrome is atmospheric, Opeth-esque death/doom metal. Not only is the album quality, it also has "hot" names on it: logo by Christophe Szpajdel (Emperor, Borknagar, Moonspell), artwork by Dennis Sibeijn (Chimaira, Job for a Cowboy, the beautiful layout of Neuraxis' new record), knob-twiddling by Jens Bogren (the latest records by Opeth and Amon Amarth). Why aren't labels jumping on this??? All it needs is a barcode and distribution. Otherwise, you can find it in all Virgin Megastores - in the United Arab Emirates.

Bilocate - The Dead Sea

Deeply Confused

If I had a label, I would also sign Montreal's Deeply Confused in a heartbeat. I would first chastise them about their crappy name, then remember that their Isolated EP is so good that they're probably stuck with the name. It's melodic technical death metal indebted to later Death, but with a more "modern," percussive approach. The percussion comes from Gabrielle Morin, one of exactly two female death metal drummers in the world (of whom I'm aware, anyway - the other is Gorod's Sandrine Bourguignon). She has a way with syncopations and swing, uncommon traits in death metal. The guitar work is smoking, too. Why aren't labels picking up on this???

Deeply Confused - Torments in the Shade of the Totem Pole

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