Personally, with continued cold weather comes two specific cravings: soup, and meaty goddamn death metal. The genre can be brittle, cold, and alienating in intriguing ways, but it can also serve up a heaping of bloody riffs that warms right down to the soul. This is what Seven Doors deals in, comfortingly old-school death metal that's a love letter to classic horror and the genre's chunky origins all at once. After several short-form releases, they're set to release Feast of the Repulsive Dead early next year as a full-length debut, and we're streaming an early single here. Dig in!



The key theme here for me is density: protein-packed riffs rip along with satisfying retro thickness, sometimes shifting gears up into buzzing tremolo passages, and everything from the kick drum to the vocals just packs onto the satisfying impact. That's not to say anything is overcrowded, but thin and lifeless death metal this is not. Classic staples of the genre, like larger-than-life solos floating on top of the mix and gnarly bass runs helping to kick off songs, keep Feast of the Repulsive Dead grounded and viciously enjoyable throughout.

Whether or not you're in the right climate to share my mindset, the end of the year–and this year specifically–tends to be rough for many reasons. Let Seven Doors drive away some of those worries through sheer force.

The band comments:

Lyrically this song is about John Carpenter's 1978 masterpiece Halloween and how Michael Myers stalks his victims and they have absolutely no idea what is about to happen to them. Musically the opening riff is inspired by early Decide which continues throughout the song as well as some thrashy elements during the bridge.


Feast of the Repulsive Dead releases January 2023 via Redefining Darkness Records.

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