Who loves Sepultura?

OK, who loves old Sepultura?

Every one of you.

And who loves cupcakes?

Well, some of you.

I didn't know those included me until I tried Metalcakes' recipe for Sepultura cupcakes. Metalcakes is the Internet's foremost metal-themed cupcake site. The recipe is cunningly called "Beneath the Cookies and Cremains". Every time I think of that, my day brightens a little.

As the recipe's title implies, the Oreo cookie is the star of this cupcake. Crumbled, it forms part of the frosting. Halved, it forms the bottom of each cupcake. Brilliant! Normally, eating a cupcake is an endeavor of diminishing returns. But this cupcake offers a happy, crunchy surprise at its end. It's not hard to make, either. For the recipe and super-pretty pictures, see here.

. . .

. . .

— Cosmo Lee