Sometimes music is confusing, but that's why it's so great. Being approached with something so alien that it takes a bit of processing is honestly a treat, and Self Hypnosis' "progressive industrial metal" takes the cake as one of the more unique listens I've had in a long time. Taking from doom metal, industrial music, psychedelia, and even as far as hardstyle, this underground supergroup, featuring members of Camel of Doom and Esoteric, moves with a mechanical gait and technicolor aura. This is heavy, really heavy, but has a bizarre atmosphere reminiscent of its members' other projects -- their debut Contagion of Despair turns the familiar on its head and makes your psychedelic dreams into nightmares. Listen to an exclusive stream of Contagion of Despair below.



Contagion of Despair releases August 21st on Svart Records.

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