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I'm seeking replacements for me. As I said before, I'm leaving this site on September 24. I may have a hand in one-off projects here and there, but it's time for me to leave daily operation of this site to others. I've been performing many functions (see below) and doing a barely adequate job at them. Dedicated people for dedicated tasks is the way to go. Except for the editor and writers, the positions should require only 5-10 hours each week. I'm confident that the right people can make this site much bigger and better.

If you think you could be one of them, email me at invisibleoranges at gmail dot com. (I put out a general "help wanted" call before, but was so overwhelmed by nebulous offers that I'm redoing it with defined positions.) Please include the position(s) you seek and your name in the subject header, e.g., "Text editor - John Smith". Please include evidence to bolster your case. If you do not follow these instructions, your email may get lost in the daily avalanche of my inbox!

— Cosmo Lee

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Duties: To be a project manager - direct the operation of the site, manage staff of 10-20, approve writer pitches, schedule posts, handle guest bloggers and collaborative promotions, answer emails (50-100 daily), handle social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter). WILL NOT WRITE FOR THE SITE.

Requirements: Gmail account, experience with Google Docs, team management experience, thick skin, deep familiarity with social media and Internet landscape, broad yet discerning taste in metal.

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Text editor

Duties: Edit text of writer posts, fact-checking, add HTML tags for formatting.

Requirements: Gmail account, editing/copyediting/proofreading experience, basic HTML experience, extreme attention to detail, merciless hand with editing. You probably think the writing on this site is flabby. The passive voice is your enemy.

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Art director

Duties: You are responsible for the look of the posts (and thus the site). This includes sourcing images, editing graphics, creating graphics, and formatting HTML for text and multimedia.

Requirements: Gmail account, Photoshop expertise (InDesign expertise desirable but not necessary), basic HTML knowledge, a great eye, knack for thinking outside the box. CREATIVITY IS A MUST.

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Duties: Process incoming digital promo submissions for internal use (around 10 daily now, likely to rise). You get to hear everything first.

Requirements: Gmail account, extremely high-speed Internet access (e.g., FiOS, T3; cable/DSL may not be able to handle volume), broad but discerning taste in metal. MUST NOT USE TORRENTS.

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Calendar manager

Duties: Populate new releases calendar and internal events calendar with data from news sources, press releases, and RSS feeds. You are the site's ear to the ground.

Requirements: Gmail account, familiarity with Google Calendar, RSS feed "mindset".

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Duties: Write the posts people read every day on the site.

Requirements: Gmail account, "knowing your shit", positive attitude (you are a music fan, not a hater), open mind, ability to connect concepts across areas of life, ability to think outside the box (typical review/interview formats don't cut it these days). You are a leader, not a follower. We are particularly seeking experts in black, death, doom, and traditional metal.

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