If my decision-making process picking stuff to listen to from Spotify or Bandcamp is any indication, album art plays a big part in how most people decide what music to listen to. There's always the chance that something with bad art will actually be good, but you'd need some other indicator to override the obvious, red flag in front of you. As much as the music itself is important, so is the packaging.

We like to talk about album art, especially picking out the best and the weirdest, so it made sense to get together and talk about it.

And as far as Metallica goes—it was only a matter of time before we talked about them. They might not be the best, the heaviest, the most technical, or the most unique metal band out there, but they did set the bar by which most other bands are judged. Even at the low points, their whole discography is worth taking a look at (though in Lulu's case, maybe just to understand the "I AM THE TABLE" jokes).

—Ted Nubel



As a side note, we recorded this episode pretty early on—again, talking about Metallica was a question of "when" not "if"—and there's a few spots with rougher audio quality than some of our past episodes. We've been working out the kinks in our geographically disparate recording environments, so as we clear out our backlog of archived episodes, that should be less of an issue.


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