Though Blood Incantation seems fairly confident that most people know what to expect from their upcoming synth-driven album Timewave Zero, I'm fairly confident myself that Friday will send confused out-of-the-loopers to the Internet angrily seeking answers and decrying its lack of electric guitars. I expect it to be kind of an inverse of the weirdly-common scenario where hip-hop and EDM acts have a release posted under Sleep or Acid Bath on streaming services and fifty thousand people post a screenshot of it to social media like it's the pinnacle of humor and/or an unforgivable slight.

Expectations, however, shouldn't influence a band's creative path, and as the band makes it clear in our new podcast interview with them, Timewave Zero is exactly the record they wanted to create: an intricate, immersive composition as meticulously planned out as any of their previous death metal offerings. I wouldn't suggest going into it looking for nasty riffs, but it is a great soundtrack for pondering the infinite immensity of the universe.

Check out the podcast to learn more about the album and make sure to check out Timewave Zero when it releases this Friday on Century Media (vinyl pre-order).

—Ted Nubel



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