Though not officially a supergroup (if that's ever an official designation, anyway), Savage Oath features members of multiple legendary heavy metal bands and just surprise-released their debut self-titled EP on Bandcamp yesterday, promising an LP to follow as well. The band includes Brendan Radigan (Pagan Altar, Sumerlands) on vocals, with Carlos Llanas (ex-Eternal Champion) and Leeland Campana (Visigoth) on guitar, plus Phil Ross (ex-Manilla Road) on bass. Though band members alone aren't enough to guarantee quality, this brief EP quickly asserts its might: epic heavy metal delivered with boundless energy and a distinct lack of glossy overproduction. This is burly, in-the-fray epic metal that adds some grit to its fantasy.

Enough words - listen below. I'm writing this news post before we've even gotten any promotional info on this, but follow their Bandcamp for more information.

–Ted Nubel


Savage Oath released March 22nd on Bandcamp.

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