Some bands just… have more teeth than others, you know? More bite -- a gnashing power behind their music which makes it truly violent. No, I'm not talking about Hyperdontia (yet), but Sainte Marie des Loups's latest album Funérailles de feu is a prime example of black metal which bites back.

Opting for a more minimal approach to black metal, Sainte Marie des Loups's backbone is all about this innate ferocity. Featuring putrid vocal incantations and wild, unbridled instrumentals, Funérailles de feu's take on black metal is all visceral/no cerebral. This is quite literally body music, something you feel in your gut and fists more than your brain, and the physicality of the music itself certainly feeds into that. Listen to an exclusive full-album stream of Funérailles de feu below.



Funérailles de feu releases on Amor Fati Productions (EU/ROW) and Extraconscious Records (former Entropic Records, USA) on November 25th.

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