by Cosmo Lee

Released in Europe earlier this year, Cycles (Spinefarm, 2008) has finally hit the States. And hit it does. The record is a full-length exposition of ideas set out by 2006’s Consume to Contaminate EP: bulldozing grindcore, smooth shifting between tempos, a brief experiment with cello. 15 years into their career, Rotten Sound grind like clockwork. Now their Sunlight Studios-approved tones have professional production and compressed mastering. Cycles lives up to its name – it sounds like a huge engine in a huge vehicle. Crazed d-beats charge through “Blind”; “Colonies” is a mammoth group roar. The lyrics are amazingly articulate, with a global sweep: “Making a less-consuming working class in the West won’t help us at all when the South doubles the effects.” The Economist, down-tuned, at heart attack speeds – the time to grind is now.


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